I'm sick and tired of my childhood friend's, now girlfriend, constant abuse so I broke up with her Chapter 24 Part 2

 Chapter 24: Yukishiro's Confession

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Note: This is a reupload of Chapter 24 with the various changes from the author incorporated into the text.

"Does it feel amazing to be the most popular kid in class, to have all the girls fawn over you? Too bad that happiness is just an illusion, one that can easily be broken." 

From the other side of the window, I can hear Hanabi's muffled scream. I look in her direction and let out a sigh in exasperation. 

"You're still spewing your bullshit? Give me break, how about you stop all this? You can do what you want, but it's pointless." 

"You might be saying that now, but I'll be sure to pluck away what's most important to you. I hope you look forward to that." 

And with that, Hanabi's scowling figure vanished from across the window. 

What the hell was that? Maybe Hanabi was following me this whole time. When she was hiding by Erika Daidouji's house, we were able to discover her so easily, so how did escape our sights until now? Or maybe, she wanted to be discovered back at Daidouji's... 

Well, if I didn't have that chill down my spine, I wouldn't have noticed Hanabi's presence then. Maybe Hanabi purposely made her presence known to spite me because she knew it would be useful for the Daidouji incident and how it would spur my hatred for her even more. 

Quite a few of the librarians started gathering around the window after hearing Hanabi's violent banging. We had to explain it wasn't us, and although they believed us, the whole thing felt very awkward. And so, after loaning out some books that Yukishiro-san recommended to me, we left the library. 


We head to McDonalds for a bite to eat then afterwards, we find ourselves walking by the park. Spending time with Yukishiro-san is not only fun, but it also puts my heart at ease. But every attempt at distracting my mind only brings me back to that haunting image of Hanabi's deranged look from the window. I don't want Yukishiro-san to be involved in my personal issues with Hanabi. Thinking about it, I really should have kept my distance from Yukishiro-san until I resolved everything with Hanabi. 

Despite all my incessant worrying from deep within me, I notice the sun starting to set, signifying the end our first date. Just then, Yukishiro-san presents her hand to me, as if she's returning a lost object of mine. But of course, no object is there. I tilt my head in confusion as Yukishiro-san laughs at me. 

"One last handshake before we end, yeah?" 

"Ah, sure." 

I promptly grasp her hand. 

"Want to go on another date some time later, Ichinose-kun?" 

Still holding my hand, Yukishiro-san timidly opens her mouth and says that. 


"Really? That makes me so happy! Thank you so much for the date, Ichinose-kun! It was so much fun hanging out with you." 

Her eyes are radiant and she puts on the brightest smile. I know Yukishiro-san isn't trying to trick me with her expressions, it's all too natural. That's why I can't hide my trembling. I mean, with Hanabi's constant interference, any normal girl wouldn't want anything to do with me, right...? As I'm left staring at Yukishiro-san speechless, she smiles and opens her mouth. 

"Why do you look so surprised?" 

"I mean... How could you say you're having fun when, you know... All the things with Hanabi." 

"Oh, yeah... I guess that event with Hanabi did happen, must have slipped my mind." 


How could she forget such a major event!? 

"Well, I'm with the one I love, you know. My heart is pounding and I just feel so happy. My hea dis only filled with thoughts of you. There's no place for other thoughts." 

My head becomes all hot as I place my hand over my mouth. 

"I mean, I did tell you that I'd be fine no matter what happened. That's why you don't need to worry about me, Ichinose-kun." 

I puff out my chest and tap it. I feel all warm and fuzzy from those lovely words. Perhaps Yukishiro-san is much more courageous than I initially thought. I really should place more faith in her. 

"Anyways, thank you so much for today, Ichinose-kun!" 

"Oh, I'll walk you home." 

"Thanks, but it's still bright out, so I should be fine." 

"Sure, see you tomorrow." 

Yukishiro-san waves her hand as she starts walking away. I see her pass through the ticket gate when she suddenly turns around. 

"Ichinose-kun! No matter what, remember that I'll always love you!" 


"Teehee! See you!" 

She waves to me yet again as she descends down the stairs, disappearing from my view. I'm surrounded by the jeering glances of the nearby people. I clear my throat and head home as well. 


Monday morning arrived and at school, a weird phenomenon was running its course. For some reason, quite a few of the boys changed their hair style to a simple black one. I passed by the soccer ace of our school. He usually has spiky brown hair, but now his hair is black and done in a neat manner. 

"The hell is up with trends lately...?" 

What's with the sudden change? 

Hasuike sees me the instant I walk into the classroom and he rushes right up to me. 

"Hey, Ichinose, did you notice? All the guys at school are imitating your haircut!" 

"Wait, really? What the fuck?" 

I let out that scream, as clearly, Haisuke's words have caught me completely off guard.

______ Translator's Note: Seems like Chapter 24 has some slight changes, but the overall flow of it is the same. There are more changes than compared to Chapter 23 though.

Chapter 23


  1. I dont know man... but in yukishino i see some kind of yandere vibes

    1. She can't be any worse than Hanabi, though.

    2. finally im not the only one! I keep getting a bad felling from her dialog


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