I'm sick and tired of my childhood friend's, now girlfriend, constant abuse so I broke up with her Chapter 23 Part 2

 Chapter 23: Library Date Part 2!

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Note: This is a reupload of Chapter 23 with the various changes from the author incorporated into the text.

"Are you really fine with a library date?"

I nod in response to Yukishiro-san's worries. A few days earlier, we were discussing where we should go for our date. When I asked her where she wanted to go, all she said was that as long I was happy, anywhere would be fine.

I came to a sudden realization, generally the library is where Yukishiro-san likes to spend her off days. This would be a good opportunity to get to know her better. By seeing what she does on a daily basis and experiencing what she loves, I would get to know her better as a person.

Therefore, we get off at the terminal station and head to the city library, which is a 10 minute walk. Because it's a Saturday, it's pretty crowded. People doing research, parents bringing their kids, it's all there.

"Hey Yukishiro, is whispering prohibited here?"

"Outside of the study room, it's fine. Take a look."

She points to a board with all the guidelines for patrons, which states: "Don't be a nuisance to other patrons so please use indoor voices”. I look around me and I see a couple arts students talking about a picture of the book they have open. In the corner, I spot a young mom reading to her child.

"What kind of books do you like, Yukishiro-san?"

"I'm really into Western sci-fi as of late. Do you read those?"

I can't do anything but shake my head. Yukishiro-san loves books a lot, so it's kind of embarrassing that I don't read a lot. I don't have much choice though given the circumstances.

"I haven't read sci-fi, much less books in general. But hey, no better time than the present to start."

Now that I'm not Hanabi's slave anymore, I have plenty of free time to do what I want.

"How wonderful! You have a vast world of amazing books at your disposal."

There's no hint of mockery in her voice. Rather, I can hear passion burdting through the seams with her every word. I've been opened to a new world because of reading and that's not bad at all. It's all thanks to Yukishiro-san. I notice myself starting to change little by little as I continue to hang out with Yukishiro-san more. I hated my past self, but now I've come to terms with my current self. I got not one else but Yukishrio-san to thank for that.

"What's your favorite book? I'll give it a shot."

Her eyes open wide as I say that.

"You want a recommendation?"

"Yeah. Basically I'm ready to enjoy whatever you have in store."

"F-for sure!"

Yukishiro-san tries her hardest to dampen her voice as she smiles.

"To be honest, I sometimes have books I want to recommend to others, but I end up acting all hesitant."

"Really now?"

"Listen to me Ichinose-kun, and I'm sure you'll understand. Hearing 'Tell me your favorite book' made me really happy. That really made my heart skip a beat. I really do love you."

I could feel my chest pounding as I hear her say that. Her statement really came out of left field.

Yukishiro-san takes my hand as she hides her embarrassment with a smile.

"Come with me."

She leads me further into the depths of the library. The western sci-fi shelf is far from the entrance and devoid of anyone but us.

"Here's a book I really love."

She goes up on her tippy-toes as she reaches for a book. She hands me a small paperback. On the cover, there is a barefoot girl with dandelion colored hair swaying in the breeze, wearing a white dress similar to Yukishiro-san's. The cover image really pops out in a wonderful way. I read the synopsis and open the book to the table of contents. Seems like it is an anthology of short stories.

"It's one of my favorites. Oh yeah, by the way..."

As we both look at the book, Yukishiro-san's fingers gently gloss over the title.


She raises her head. I'm taken aback because our eyes meet head on.

"Ah, sorry."

I take a step back, and the book that was in my hands removes itself from Yukishiro-san's touch. She raises her face again. Again, something feels off.

"Do you want to kiss?"

Her breath mixes with her voice, as her face turns bright red. I am shocked speechless.

"Have you kissed Hanabi-chan before?"

Yukishiro-san continues to approach me as she asks me that. I can't see her lips in my field of vision anymore.


As I'm about to give my answer, I hear a loud strike from the nearby window. I turn my head to the noise.

With her hands playing with her disheveled hair, I see Hanabi on the other side of the window.

This can't be right, this isn't a horror movie after all. ______ Translator's Note: Okay I'm back. The author reuploaded Chapters 23-25 and made some changes to the text, so I'll comb through those and reupload those with any of the associated changes (but it will read mostly the same. I imagine). I'm naming these three chapters part 2 in hopes that NovelUpdate picks them up, but if not, I'll try to get a way for them to upload it. From there, it is a five chapter sprint to the finish line.

As for the elephant in the room, yes I noticed that another group started working on this series. That is to say, competition does indeed produce result. Regardless, looking at the translation they posted, it is very clearly a barebones edited version of my translation (like it's pretty much 95+% the same lol). Not that I mind too much, but I find that funny that they're doing it this way instead of doing their own translation.

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