Forever and Always, My Childhood Friend is the Cutest Girl in the World Chapter 68: Collecting Data Part Two: Rin's Dream for the Future

 Chapter 68: Collecting Data Part Two: Rin's Dream for the Future

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After enjoying ourselves in the footbath, we get on a bus that will take us to the onsen. 

"Oh, you have the dummies book." 

We're sitting on the bus and Rin smiles and opens up the "English for Dummies" book, a necessity for students taking exams. 

"The people who effectively use every minute they have will succeed the most during tests." 

"Wonderfully put." 

With that, Rin claps her hands. 

"So then Tohru-kun, first question. What is the definition of 'Hot Spring'?" 

As I'm feeling confident, Rin holds up her index index fingers. 

"A very warm period between March and June...?" 

"You're just literally translating it!" 

"Please stop! Don't look at me like I'm some disposable chopstick on the floor!" 

"Okay, here's a hint, we're going to it." 

"The bus stop...?" 

"Only way you would pass if you went to a Clown school." 

"Getting part marks for making you laugh is all the more worth it." 

Turns out, the answer is onsen. Guess you do learn something new everyday. 

"By the way Rin, have you decided what university you wanted to go to?" 

I ask that since it's been nagging at me. 

"Umm, right now I have..." 

Rin gives me the list of her top three. 

"Damn, they're all famous universities."

"I just wanted to increase the likelihood of getting a job in the field I want to work in." 

Speaking of which, I don't even know what Rin wants to do. I guess I never really found the right time to ask or maybe I just avoided it all together. 

"What do you want to go into anyways?" 

After a short silence, Rin answers. 

"I want to go into... editing for novels, or something like that." 

On one hand, I'm a bit surprised, but on the other hand, it makes complete sense. 

"An editor, huh... That's amazing." 

In my head, my own editor pops up. Amami-san seems like the party type, but she actually has a deep understanding of novels and how they work. Thanks to her edits that I implemented, my story seemed to be more magical. Because of her, I have the impression that editors are amazing. 

"Do I have something to do with that?" 

"You definitely played a direct part." 

Rin looks down in embarrassment. 

"You know, I've noticed something lately." 


"For ten years already, I've been reading your stories and giving my thoughts on them. I noticed that... I really do love stories." 

She closes her eyes gently. 

"And when you decided to publish your story... I felt happy and not just for you. Happy that a story I've assisted in helping will be shown to the world. I was truly happy." 

She brings her palms together as she continues. 

"A story that I helped would become famous... It'll go to places I won't know and people I won't know will read it. They'll say it's interesting when they read it... Just thinking about that makes me feel good, I guess." 

Rin gives a smile, one that shows how happy she really is. It's the type of smile that takes my breath away and bewitches me. Almost immediately, Rin takes a breath and blushes. 

"S-sorry for all of that." 

"No, it's fine." 

I shake my head and reach for her with my hand.

"I think that's amazing." 

I gently pat her head. 

"Rin, you'll definitely be a great editor." 

This isn't just a thought, it's something I believe wholeheartedly. I remember receiving all those comments from Rin as Nira-san. At times, those comments were complimentary, others time they were critical and other times they were pointing stuff out. Rin gave me the strength to write a new chapter every day. She was both a reader and my editor. It's because of Rin that I never gave up writing, I know that for sure. 

She's wise beyond her years and has an incredibly kind heart. She'll be able to guide writers to improve their stories while encouraging them at the same time. She'll definitely make a wonderful editor. 

"Thank you... so much." 

Once again, Rin looks down in embarrassment. I find my hand back on her head once again, her actions being too cute to resist. 

At the same time, I hear the announcement from the bus that we have arrived. We finally reached our final destination.


Author’s Note: It’s finally here! 

Today is the release date for “Forever and Always, My Childhood Friend is the Cutest Girl in the World”!

It’s been a short and long eight months at the same time, haha. Even with all the twisting, turning and meandering, thank you to all of you that are staying and supporting me!

As the author, I can say from the bottom of my heart that reading it through the end was very interesting, I hope all of you pick it up too!

And now…

As I said in the last chapter, I started a new story today! You can read it here: 

Please enjoy my sweet romcom. It’s even stronger than before!

Finally, thank you for continued support of Sekaosa and my new work!


Translator’s Note: Seems like it’s “Done” for now, but not actually done. The author hasn’t updated this in a while and his new story too. It currently has 46 chapters and the last update was in February. I guess the author is busy with other stuff. 

Anyways, it’s been a joy TLing this series, it’s a good, fluffy story and definitely a nice read. Don’t know what I’ll do next, but I’ll see. Until next time!

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    If the author decided to put out more after story chapters for this novel will you still be translating it?


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